Business, What you will do to evict a tenant?

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You let out your house or apartment and earn additional income through it. All is fine and well until the tenant fails to pay up or vacate the premises. It is then that your problems begin. This can indeed be a harrowing experience if you then approach a solicitor who asks you for fees without giving you any form of assurance or guarantee that the tenant will be eventually evicted. The legal process may go on forever and you carry on losing money in the form of solicitor's fees. You are already incurring financial losses because of loss of income from unpaid rent and the additional expenses can be just too much to bear. We know all this and we set up our firm to offer a viable and trustworthy service. We offer our services in three steps:- 1) We have a legal notice sent to your tenant. This is enough for most tenants to understand that you mean business and vacate your property without any more fuss. We serve a notice under either Section 8 or Section21 of the Housing Act 1988.

Notice under Section 8 is a notice seeking possession within 14 days due to rent arrears, nuisance or breach of Landlord Help. Notice under Section 21 is a notice to seek possession within two months.

We usually serve both notices at the same time. Paul Shamplina one of our partners is vastly experienced in handling such cases. This service costs you only £ 115.

2) In case the above notices don't do the needful, then we go ahead and have solicitors issue proceedings. We obtain a court order to obtain possession. We charge £ 565 for this. However this may increase if the tenant puts up a defense (usually he does not). Even in case the fees are increased they are very reasonable. In case you want to have a solicitor of your choice we will transfer the case to him at no additional cost to you. Our fees are very moderate even in case of additional fees as we do not charge on an hourly basis. 3) In the unlikely circumstances that the tenant does not vacate even after the order by the court then we arrange for a court bailiff to remove the tenant. Our charges are £ 198 for this, including VAT. We have a fixed charge which is less than that charged by solicitors and even in case the fees are increased they are still very moderate. We do not charge on an hourly basis, so we are all the more reasonable.

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