Keeping Your Goals And Values In Line

by Kris Koonar - Date: 2007-07-02 - Word Count: 518 Share This!

If you want a successful career and a successful life, you have to make sure that your career goals match your values in life. This means that you should ensure that your goals are in line with the things that are important to you, and the things that matter to you the most.

If you do not keep the goals and values in your life matched, there is going to be only chaos and disorganization. You are going to be stressed and anxious all the time. This is because what you are doing does not match with what you believe in. You will not feel a sense of pride or success in your work or life. Knowing what your values are and sticking to them while meeting your goals will keep you happy and satisfied and will also keep you going.

Let us say you work with a company that conducts animal testing, and you are an animal lover; now it is going to trouble you to see those animals suffering. You are going to suffer because you are going have to deal with the turmoil within yourself seeing what is being done to the animals. You cannot say anything because your job or promotion is at stake. This is when your goals and values do not match.

All about your values

Values are those things that matter to you the most. Your values are what keeps you going and helps you lead a satisfied and motivated life. Values change for people over time. Your values when you were a teenager were different from the values you had as a child. Your values are influenced by various things, your environment, your social life, your peers, your mentors and other influences. Once you become an adult, your values will continuously be metamorphosing.

Recognizing Personal values

Each individual has different set of values. Some peoples values may be confined to their family, religion, work or spirituality. Most people have values like honesty, fairness, education, achievement, creativity, security, happiness, satisfaction, family, freedom or integrity. Knowing the ideal core values is simple, but finding what your own personal values are is a tedious and time-consuming task. Remember than each one has different values and the key to them being personal is that they are important to you as an individual. Think this through and then list down the things most important to you. Get help from those who know you the best.

Matching goals to values

It is extremely important to match your goals to your values. If you do not match these two, you are going to have mixed feelings either about the goals or the values. It will be like trying to work at two seriously different things at one time. You will get frustrated trying to cope up with the two. There are some people who while trying to manage their goals, are in conflict with their values and end up getting sick, disinterested and de-motivated with their jobs. This is worse if you are the owner of a business or an entrepreneur. Aligning your goals and values will definitely take you ahead.

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