Marketing Your Online Business Ventures by Using Blogs

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A Blog is a single web page that can be updated with fresh content on a regular basis. This has an advantage over a traditional web page in that by having constant fresh content the search engine spiders will regularly visit seeking to index that fresh content. Blogger is perhaps one of the most popular blogging sites on the net. It is free and gives you the ability to chose a domain name which ends in, saving the cost of buying a domain name. Of course being so popular many of the domain names you want for your topic or business have already been taken which means you have to get creative to get a domain name that has some relation to your business or topic.

Blogs are often used as online diaries, or for an ongoing discussion on a topic - like politics or sport. Many people used them to comment on up to date current events, or to post the latest humorous story or video.

A Blog's main disadvantage is that it is a single page. As such eventually even on a very long blog material will need to be archived. The average web surfer will not go into the archives to retrieve older information. As such a web site is superior to display information and act as a main portal for your online business. However by linking your blog to your main site you can get extra traffic that you would not get from one approach alone.

If you do any marketing online, any venture can be further by creating a linking blog. It is a particularly good place to update the latest news about your business opportunity or a great way to share ideas, successful approaches or motivational material with your down lines. As such if you are involved in any online multi-level marketing or network marketing venture you need a blog.

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