How You Can Improve Your PSP Reception

by Charles Neshah - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 343 Share This!

If you have a PSP you may have sometimes experienced poor reception. It has happened to me on several occasions when my PSP's signal strength was low as a result of position disadvantage. A PSP must be within the range of a Wi-fi signal source for maximum or enough signal strength.

Because of this reason, best reception is within the vicinity of a Wi-fi signal source. However, you can, at the risk of messing up your PSP, add an external antenna to boost your signal strength, reduce noise and improve picture quality.

You can actually modify your PSP to increase signal strength with extra dBs for quality connection without problem, though any modification automatically voids your warrantee. Also please bear in mind that unless the external antenna is properly installed, your PSP may not work again after you reassemble it.

If you are not a professional, be sure that you have a basic knowledge of what to do in terms of disassembling and reassembling your PSP. Be careful not to misplace screws or drive a long screw in the place for a short one. Write down any components you remove and from where you removed them, so that you can reassemble your PSP correctly.

Before opening up your PSP for any modification, ensure that you have the right tool. A small flat screwdriver will do. Once inside, look for a small piece of plastic under the right side controller that has a wire connecting it to the circuit board. That is the antenna. You can remove the original Wif-fi antenna from your PSP and add an external antenna that has a higher capacity. To keep your PSP still as portable as it came, use an external antenna with a plug-in jack so that your new antenna is removable.

Do the modification away from children, an open window or door through which a sudden blast of air can displace screws and small parts. It is also advisable that you ground yourself with a static strap to remove the possibility of a sudden static discharge that might destroy your PSP.

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