Got No Loot But Wana Trick Your Ride Out?

by Paul archer - Date: 2007-05-19 - Word Count: 634 Share This!

Looking for more power in your vehicle more boost and torque. just a big bad mean machine and a tight ride.
But you don't wana be behind on your rent and other bills just to have your ride looking good. Well hay well all feel that way, that's why there's other solutions to that problem. You don't have to spend thousands to have a phat ride.

There's a few tricks up the old sleeve yet, just by making a few adjustments to minor parts can make the world of difference, there one fancy little black book trick that allot of the old-timer auto mechanics still use that make a big change, Changing your Air filter will dramatically make a big difference in horse power and gas mileage and then if you want to get a little more technical you can spend only a few bucks no more then $ 8-9.00 and change out the old paper air filter and put in a more efficient cotton gauze filter. Now it probably doesn't sound like much but hey that will increase your horse power 10% boosting your performance, that's just the beginning.

There are also other little tricks that you can do to your ride that are very easy to do and don't hurt your wallet or your heart. You can install a better exhaust system. O-boy that's one big bold move for the better. And if you do it the right way you can save a ton. Now your probably thinking that's gona cost a fortune, well hay its not its gona give your car a hole new ((RoaR)) setting car alarms off as you drive down your neighbor hood.

You can go to your local pick-pull junk yard or have some one do it for you or if you don't have a pick-n-pull you must have some kind of junk yard. Yes have you ever considered using second hand parts. they can save you an insane amount of money. However there are some circumstance that you probably don't want to use a used part for your car. So yes go to your pick-n-pull junk yard bring some kind of saw electric, hand whatever and do your searching you will find hundreds of cars, and you can bet your but you'll find a high performance exhaust under there some where. Who knows you might lucky and find name brand parts like Edelbrock or Magnaflow.

While your there look for some headers for your beast that is of course if your car has them already and if so, Yes you two can find a nice pair of header pipes for your car. And don't worrie when you get ready to pay you will defiantly be shocked and not in a heart breaking way. Headers can make a very big difference in your beast performance aswell, it may seem like a big task but after words its definitely worth the work.

If your car has been on the road for a while chances are its got some very old springs under there that are just dying to break. While changing the shocks will not make a difference in your cars horse power it can make a big change in its performance giving you a much smoother and easy riding ride.

There are several companies that provide great quality high tech performance parts at process that are fit and not blown out of poportion. Edelbrock has a wide variety of performer parts there selection will truly amaze you, they are constantly upgrading there equipment and providing over the top products keeping there competion on the edge. Edelbrock also provides affordable prices on all of there performance parts.

If you are looking for low priced parts with awesome quality, that only the pros use stop on buy the best online performance site on the whole wide web.

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