Buying Your First Suit? - Consider This!

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So this must be exciting for you to go for the first suit. Well, apart from the excitement there are few things that you need to consider when shopping for a men's suit. These are fabric, style, color and fitting the most important. You must further think about the accessories you are going to make use of along with suit, like shirt, tie, shoes and belt. Keep everything in mind and tell the sales person of the shop while considering your budget. A very good method of find skilled salesperson is to ask your friends and relative from the place they purchased their suit. One strange but a very good idea is to ask a well-dressed stranger about his idea, in fact many men feel happy to give the referrals if they like their shopping place.

Things to consider before buying your first suit


It is usually suggested that the first suit must be made up on 100% wool. This is because wool is a natural fiber, which breathes that simply means you would be more comfy and on the other hand you would sweat less than any other material made suit. Wool is extremely durable and moves along well.


When it comes to first suit stick with basic single-breasted men suit, where the jacket buttons comes in front in one single row other than double-breasted suit, where the fabric folds over itself along with two rows of buttons. You will loads varieties of single-breasted jackets that appear with amazing styles, and classic two-button, modern three and four-button styles. Make sure you leave the base button on a single-breasted jacket undone and a vest is not required.


For any first men suit, it is usually suggested to stick with dark colors such as charcoal gray, navy blue or black. If you are purchasing an extra suit or suits apart from basic solid colors, delicate suits such as pinstripes suit or zoot suit patterns may be considered. Go with colors and patters, which would stand the test of time and would also be apt for the settings in which you would wear the suit.

Suit fitting

This is the most important factor whether you are buying your first suit or any. So when you shop for your suit, you must make sure that the salesperson takes all your measurements: neck, sleeves, shoulders, waist, chest, and along with inseam. Have the salesperson measure you first, before you start looking at suits. Make sure to ask questions if you are not sure or satisfied how something must feel or fit.

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