Sexual Positions for Enhanced Orgasms

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2007-04-20 - Word Count: 503 Share This!

There are many sexual positions that can be described, but few are known to enhance both the male and female orgasm.

There is one from the Kama Sutra and one from the Perfumed Garden that are sure to bring the lovers to a swift and profound orgasm and climax.

The Human Orgasm

Strangely enough, there are very few clear answers to what the human orgasm is. We know that certainly during orgasm our bodies and mental states are temporary altered.

Sigmund Freud made some clear separations in the female orgasm with a separation between clitoral and vaginal orgasms...stating that the former was not good, and the latter was much better .

This concept has been large abandoned in today's world.

We do know our bodies (males in their ways and females in their ways) undergo changes such as heart rate, blood pressure, sensitivity of the skin, chemical changes (hormones in the bloodstream) and so on.

It appears that now in 2007 we still rely on the studies of Masters and Johnson (Sexual Response Cycle) to understand what is going on during our orgasm.

Advice form the Kama Sutra (on the best sexual position for enchanted orgasm)

Often called the Conch, this position will stimulate a woman's clitoris, her g-spot and make her feel filled up.

When performed well, both partners reach an immense orgasm of unforgettable magnitude. The Kama Sutra explains it like this:

The woman will lay on her back,

the man positions (kneels) himself between her open legs, raising them,

The woman will hook her feet over his thighs, or even over his shoulders,

Then he will fondle her breasts, enjoying her well: this is known as Manmathpriya

More specifically, and in today's language, the woman lies down on their back with her legs resting on the man's shoulders.

The man then enters her from a kneeling position.

The man's penis is inserted to it's full depth inside her vagina and; and with some proper thrusting, the woman receives and immense pleasure from this feeling. She feels very full, and the man too, finds himself lost in pleasure.

For even extra depth, a small pillow can be pleased under the woman's buttocks, and even the man with a small than average penis can achieve a great satisfaction for the woman in this position.

Advice from the Perfumed Garden

From all of the positions mentioned, this is the one that brings the greatest orgasm, as it (as in the Conch from the Kama Sutra) causes great clitoral and g-spot stimulation. In the words of the great Sheikh Nefzaoui,

THIRTEENTH MANNER - Dok el arz (pounding on the spot).

The man sits down with his legs stretched out; the woman then places herself astride on his thighs, crossing her legs behind the back of the man, and places her vulva opposite his member, which latter she guides into her vagina; she then places her arms round his neck, and he embraces her sides and waist, and helps her to rise and descend upon his verge. She must assist in his work.

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