Free Up More Counter Space With A Built In Coffee Maker

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Do find yourself with limited counter space in your kitchen mainly due to the number of small appliances you have everywhere. Toasters, coffee makers, blends, and toaster ovens can all take up a lot of useful space. We now see more people turning to built in coffee makers to solve part of this problem and have one less small appliance on their counter cluttering everything up.

The cost of a built in coffee maker can vary from a couple hundred up to thousands of dollars. I know you're probably thinking the same thing I did when I heard this..Thousands? You can actually spend thousands of dollars just on a coffee maker. It's true new built in makers that are plumbed directly into your water and electrical are the peak of convenience for making coffee. Never having to add water or contend with hanging electrical wires is nice, but it comes at a price.

These single push button coffee makers only ever require the user to add grounds to the basket and a filter if needed. The water is supplied automatically, and brewing begins. Some of the more expensive built in coffee makers will even have a bean grinder built in, so you can add coffee beans, and enjoy the freshest coffee grounds for you cup of joe. All that's needed is an added filter if the machines doesn't use a permanent one.

Some Less Expensive Models Not Plumbed

Now since we all don't like the lifestyles of the rich and famous there are some less expensive built in coffee maker models. For those not wanting to spend thousands of dollars, there are under the cabinet models for a few hundred dollars. If you shop hard enough though you can find a buy on a Hardwired and plumbed built in coffee maker. Brew Express makes a model such as this for around $450.00.

An easy way to have a built in coffee maker is simply a coffee maker placed in a nook cut out of the wall. The plug still connects to a regular wall plug, and most machines will need to be removed from the nook in order to have water added to brew. While this might not really seem like a built in coffee maker, it does get it off the counter top. A unique way to get your conventional coffee maker off the counter is to purchase a bracket available that mounts a regular coffee maker to hang from under a cupboard, or other surface.

Of course there are advantages to the more expensive models, then just more counter top space. A plumbed coffee maker is self filling so the correct volume of water is always added. Just add fresh coffee grounds and brew. Now another unique feature, not directly related to coffee is that many of these pre wired coffee makers will also have an additional plug built into the front adding more electrical outlets in your kitchen

The reality is that if you're a hardcore coffee lover then a built in coffee maker that is plumbed and wired into your home could be worth while. For the average person that makes a pot when guests are over or on weekends it's probably not the best few hundred bucks you can spend. There are many excellent under cabinet and counter top coffee makers available. Take the time to research the features you'd be interested in and shop around. Shopping comparison sites are an excellent tool to use for researching prices and features.

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