Give to Someone You Don't Know

by Reginald Duval - Date: 2007-02-04 - Word Count: 413 Share This!

Our current tax system gives us an incentive to give to the charity of our choice. The best way to give to someone you don't know is to write a check to Salvation Army, the Red Cross and other great organization like that. Giving to someone you don't know has a great impact on the life of that person. You light up the life of that person. George Hubert Walker Bush called it the "thousand points of light".

Imagine for a minute that you have the last match on earth. The whole world is in the dark. With that match, you light your candle and with your candle you light your neighbor's candle. If everyone lights up someone else's candle, the whole world will be illuminated just because you light one candle.

You have the power to light up the world! The beauty of this is once the world is illuminated, countless number of folks will share their candle light with you. You will never be in the dark.

It works the same way with money. It may sound like voodoo economics, but when you give money you will never be broke. oney is energy. Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. What goes around come around, as they say. Let me share a couple of stories with you:

An unemployed mechanic saw an older lady parked on the side of a road. Her nice car had a flat tire. The gentleman helped her replace the tire. She offered to pay him and he refused the money suggesting she does a good deed for someone else. The lady drove a few miles and stopped at a restaurant. She saw a pregnant waitress. She gave the waitress $100 tip. Later that night, the waitress went home and told her husband a nice lady gave her $100 tip. Her husband was the unemployed mechanic.

The agency I work for has a policy of leave sharing. Employees can donate annual leave to colleagues who are ill and who have exhausted their leave and who faced with the possibility of being on sick leave without pay. Recently, I convinced one of our employees to donate 8 hours of annual leave. No longer than two weeks later, that employee was on vacation and President Ford died. A national holiday was declared and his leave account was credited with 8 hours, the same amount he gave to the sick employee.

Giving unselfishly has to be an integral part of your overall financial journey.

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