Customer Follow Up Strategies - 3 Powerful Techniques to Build your Empire

by Ladan Lashkari - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 530 Share This!

Here's a fact: The difference between highly successful businesses on the Internet is in the important factor of customer follow up.

Because it's been proven that it's many times easier to sell to your existing customers again and again, instead of going out there and finding new prospects and trying to convince them to buy from you for the first time.

So let me ask you a question: After you have spent a lot of money and energy to finally gain a prospect's trust and get them to order your product, what do YOU do?

Do you forget about them and go for getting new prospects and continue trying hard to sell to them?

If you do this, let me be frank with you: You are losing over 80% of your profits.

So here are 3 powerful techniques to help you avoid losing so much potential profits by easily following up with your past customers...

Technique #1: Automated Follow Up Emails

This is the best and fastest way to follow up with your customers, build a strong relationship with them, and sell more and more of your products to them automatically.

You can simply use a powerful autoresponder solution and put all your followup email messages on autopilot, so that the software keeps sending them your messages week after week, month after month, completely automatically and without you lifting a finger.

Sending email is free and fast. That's why email marketing is one of the hottest Internet marketing strategies these days that all successful Internet businesses use.

Technique #2: Customer Follow Up with A Newsletter

A newsletter is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers and create an on-going relationship with them.

Your newsletter will be a more effective follow up strategy than just keep sending your customers promotional, sales letter like emails, because you first pre-sell to them by giving them helpful information.

Then after you have gained their trust and respect, you will let them know about your products and it's obvious that they will listen with a much more open-to-buy mindset.

Also creating your own newsletter is very easy. You just need to create a template for your newsletter or use ready-made free newsletter templates easily.

Technique #3: Snail Mail Customer Follow Up

Even though there's email and it's much faster, easier, and cheaper to send your messages to your customers via email, nail mail in still an effective medium.

And these days with the huge amount of spam that people receive, the odds that your email gets neglected is much higher than your snail mail letter. Also sending your customers a professional letter will make you stand above the crowd between your other competitions.

Final Thoughts

Today you learned 3 powerful customer follow up strategies that will easily help you at least triple your profits.

Also it will make you look unique and stand above the crowd because your competition don't know how to use a powerful followup strategy. So your customer will see you are the most professional business out there.

Here's a helpful article to help you more on how to create your own powerful customer follow up system easily. You will learn effective tips to put it all on autopilot to save time.

To your customer follow up success,

Ladan Lashkari

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