Social Network Vs. Email Marketing Services

by Lalita n - Date: 2008-07-18 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

Today when you visit the web, you are over flooded with mediums which you can use to communicate. A few years back it was only through emails and a little later through buddy list chat that people exchanged messages. The scene today, is definitely much different from other days. The various social networking stites, and social media growth has opened many more windows to peep out.

But the biggest concern here is the rate of success that these social marketing services have been able to attain. A message displayed in social media network are not individually targeted. They are thrown open to the world. There are ways to track how many visits or views the message has received, but there is no substantial report to find out the accurate number of leads generated from these accounts.

Here is where, I believe, email marketing services have once again hit the bull. The fact that email marketing services are tragted to individual users, and are user specific are the biggest advantage of this online advertising medium.

The social networks these days are so over loaded with messages, in forms of blogs, Ims, videos etc, that there is always a kind of traffic jam in the web. People are unable to reach their targeted point. Some way or the other, there is always a kind of mis-communication or deviation that leads them on a different direction. The email marketing services, on the other hand are still the most easily targeted means of communication. The intended message lands directly into the receiver's inbox.

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