Retirement Does Not Stop These Seniors from Taking It to the Extreme

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Just because you are retired does not mean you have to stop being active. Many recent retirees are joining associations, such as active retirement communities, and staying involved with health and fitness. Some seniors show that they are never too old to stay young and take it to the extreme. Here are some examples of seniors who found other things to do to keep that adrenaline pumping after retirement.

91-year-old sky diver leaps after retirement
Two days after his 90th birthday in January 2006, Ken Scott decided to throw his life out of a plane - literally. Although he was retired for 20-some odd years, Scott still found a way to stay active. For his 91st birthday in 2007, Scott decided to jump from the skies again! This time, he jumped with several family members. Ken Scott goes to show that even though he is retired, he can still live life to the fullest.

Seniors try to shoot their age in golf
Not many people can do it, but it is an incredible feat to accomplish. Since 1986, CBS has put on a golf tournament in which participants are challenged to "shoot their age" in 18 holes of golf. You must qualify for the tournament and pay an entry fee to participate, and not that many people have been able to do it.

The first documented golfer to shoot his age was PGA Hall-of-Famer Sam Snead in 1979, shooting a 67. In the final round of the same tournament, Snead shot an astonishing 66, one below his age. Several golfers have followed the legend: Arnold Palmer and Gary Player have shot at or below their age multiple times. Countless golfers that are not professional golfers have done it around the United States. Will you be the next golfer to shoot your age? There is only one way to find out.

94-year-old marathoner runs after retirement
As Fauja Singh proved in 2005, you are never too old to run for fun. Most people never even consider running a marathon, let alone participate in one. When Singh was 92 years old, he completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in an astonishing 5 hours and 40 minutes, a world record for runners 90 and older. In a marathon in Scotland, his four-person team, with a combined age of 397 years, was the oldest ever, and completed the race in 4 hours, 16 minutes and 24 seconds.

83-year-old veteran participates in wheelchair games
In 2005, 83-year-old veteran Curtis Hobbs became the oldest person to participate in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. The event has been around for more than 25 years, and more than 500 veterans compete in some event each year. Hobbs decided to partake in bowling, showing that even an 83-year-old war veteran in a wheelchair that had never before played sports can stay active after retirement.

54-year-old racquetball player makes a comeback
Ruben Gonzalez, 54 years old, played in a professional racquetball tournament amongst 20 and 30 year olds, and made the quarterfinals. Gonzalez, who was ranked No. 1 in the prime of his 30's but had been retired for years, came out of retirement to take down two seeded players en route to the quarterfinals. For accomplishing this feat, Gonzalez was named GeezerJock's Athlete of the Year for 2006.

Whether you are recently retired or have been retired for years, you can still find ways to stay active. You might not sky dive or run a marathon when you are over 90 years old, but you can get out and do something during retirement. Take a walk, play cards, play tennis or play golf within inclusive retirement communities. Although you are retired, you can still get out and enjoy life!

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