Keys To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

by Jordan Hanthorn - Date: 2007-05-24 - Word Count: 686 Share This!

Like any business venture, a home business requires a considerable amount of time and resources if you want it to really take off. If you have chosen to start a Home Business, you have decided control your own destiny and become self employed rather than being dependent on a paycheck and false job security. There are not too many "safe and secure" jobs any more. That way of thinking needs to be updated. The world has changed and globalization has altered the rules. Just as depending exclusively on Social Security and medicare is an idea who's time is past, the playing field betwwen employees and individuals who own their own business has also changed.

To be a truly successful Home Business or Small Business entrepreneur requires professionalism. Whether working from your basement or a home office, you should always work the same way as if you were in an expensive office building in Downtown Manhatten. This work ethic or philosophy will mean a lot to your eventual success and to the respect you recieve. Good habits mean a lot over time. You should set long term goals, take a few risks and remember the old adage, "Early to bed, early to rise, work like a dog and advertise". Always accept personal responsibility for everything in your personal and business life and use all the resources at your disposal to achieve success. It is important to realize that success comes mainly from educating yourself, tenacity, lots of hard work and a good, workable plan. If you really want to take your Home Business venture to the next level, to really see it take off in a big way, you need to ultimately learn some sales basics or perhaps hire or partner with someone who already knows sales. No one is born a salesperson, it is a learned skill just like anything else. Sales is really a profession, and to be successful in any profession you must learn the basics and practice them. Success in sales makes use of all the abilities your born with, as well as some that are acquired through education and experience. Any time spent educationing yourself in this area will be time well spent. Be persistent and success will eventually find you!

I guess we all would like to to get paid for working at something that we would be doing anyway, so starting a Home Business from a hobby or interest is probably ideal. Not only will you be your own boss, you will be doing something you love to do anyway - work is not really work if you truly enjoy what you're doing. In addition, if you happen to be selling your own products or designs there is probably more of a chance that you will work harder and have a stronger belief in your product. When you get started, read about how other entrepreneurs have gotten their start. You can get a great deal of books from the library which will give you information about tax and insurance issues for your Home Business.

Your hobby may involve a very specific product or may be something that relates to a certain locality (editors note:whether it be New York City or Kentucky). In this case, you may want to advertise your product in some of the specialized publications that are available on the news- stands or on the web. For many people, turning their hobbies into a Home Business is the perfect way to work for yourself at something that they are already doing - and get paid for it. They also have the flexibility to be in full charge of their working life while working from home.

Next you want to calculate your niche market and think about calling local businesses that may want to do business with you (or may be interested in using your products). You could also get a booth at a local crafts fair. Offer to give away a prize and take names and addresses on your sign-up forms to set up a future mailing list.

Remember to research, network and then research and network some more until you succeed.

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