Why is Alternative Energy Good?

by Richard Chapo - Date: 2007-04-12 - Word Count: 389 Share This!

Why is alternative energy good for our environment? Alternative energy is classified as a clean energy that produces little to none of the hazardous emissions that come from other energy sources like burning coal or wood.

One of the most commonly asked questions from someone just learning about alternative energy benefits would be, "Why is alternative energy good for us?" The answer is simple, alternative energy may be the only way to produce energy in the future. Fossil Fuels such as coal or natural gas are limited to what is already available. How much we can mine out from deep within the Earth plays a big factor in how long we will be able to use these fossil fuels. Generations to come may need to use alternative energy if all of the fossil fuels are gone.

If we run out of fossil fuels, we will have to use some sort of alternative energy produced from the wind, the sun or from water power. These energy sources can easily be replenished in a short amount of time. Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas cannot be replaced. Once these sources are depleted they are gone from our Earth.

Why is alternative energy good in some cases but not in others? Alternative energy cannot be stored up in large amounts to provide energy when there is no sun or no wind. Fossil fuels like coal and wood can be stockpiled to cover the energy needs of the people for a long period of time.

Why is alternative energy good for people in remote locations? People who choose to build their homes in remote locations can benefit from using solar power as an alternative to paying for electric lines to be run all the way to them. These homes are considered to be off the grid. This just means that they produce enough energy from solar panels to run their house independent from any electric company.

Alternative energy is a great alternative to fossil fuels but it does have a downside to it. We need to further our research for alternative energy sources and how they can be utilized over a wide scale. The need to no longer mine coal and cut down trees to fuel our electric plants will be realized with new ways to use alternative energy and make it available on a wider scale.

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