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Report on renewable landscape solar at the threshold report ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=98800&rt=Report-on-renewable-landscape-solar-at-the-threshold.html ) assess that Solar energy is the most abundant source of renewable power available globally, yet its widescale deployment has progressed only very slowly. Despite the depressed outlook in 2009, solar energy promises significant medium and long-term growth opportunity. Yet, until true demand-pull can be created, the industry remains at the mercy of government programs that drive artificially stimulated demand.

Scope of this research

* Ten years worth of annual global power output data, for both conventional and all mainstream renewable technologies. * Global cumulative and new annual installed solar capacity data since 1998 and a breakdown of the ten largest markets across both metrics. * Summary data relating to PV production costs, plant costs, solar electricity generating costs and the main direct and indirect subsidy mechanisms. * A SWOT analysis, an overview of the embattled Spanish market, 2009 solar market growth estimates and a review of growth expectations to 2013.

Research and analysis highlights

2008 was an exceptional year for the PV market, driven by political will and strong subsidies, mainly in Spain and Germany. However, a change in the Spanish solar subsidy is now threatening the development of an entire sector. At best, solar PV market growth in 2009 will fall back to 2001 levels the lowest levels on record for the past decade. There are nine main EU-sponsored mechanisms that promote the development of solar power by means other than direct subsidy, yet the direct subsidy feed-in tariff is the most powerful mechanism to rapidly grow grid-connected solar power markets. Under the best possible scenario, however, solar energy is still a few years away from true grid parity. Solar energy is one of only three means of achieving the EU's 20-20-20 climate change ambitions. Solar also has a role to play in meeting future increases in power demand across EU Member States. Ultimately, growth levels are expected to pick up in 2010, yet the industry's target of 12% of final EU electricity demand by 2020 are unlikely to be met.

Key reasons to purchase this research

* Quickly determine and assimilate the most critical developments and issues that characterize the global solar market today and in years to come. * Benchmark the relative appeal of solar energy against other renewable and conventional types of power generation. * Understand how global growth will be impacted by technology maturity, policy incentives and investor appetite, and tailor your strategy accordingly.

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