Luxury Dressing Gowns And Bathrobes

by Thomas Freeman - Date: 2010-08-10 - Word Count: 396 Share This!

What comes to mind when you think about bathrobes? A relaxing bath followed by the comfort of the bathrobe before dressing? Or maybe a warm and delicate covering worn after rising from bed? Bathrobes these days can be considered to be much like dressing gowns, for men particularly. Women's dressing gowns can very much so now be considered more lingerie, normally made of lighter materials, but in general the bathrobe and dressing gown crossed paths some point down the line. It is hard to mention one without someone thinking of the other, thus I now consider both near enough the same. The advantage of this: a robe for multiple purposes, for both rising from bed and post bathing. When buying a bathrobe you someone special or indeed yourself it is good to remember this.

Working in the luxury gift sector, obviously I come across many examples of luxury dressing gown designs. The most impressive worked as both a post bath comforter and a general article of morning wear clothing. These luxury bathrobes needed several things. One was an obvious essential - this designer robe needed to be comfortable. Having a soft, comforting interior is significant factor. Bathrobes made of cotton are a very popular comforting choice. Another factor is absorbency. After a bath you don't just need to be comfortable, you also need to be dried. Terry towelling bathrobes with a looped weave make the perfect absorbent choice. Not only does this help with drying after a bath or shower, but in warmer climates it helps to absorb perspiration, making this bathrobes also a perfect lounging choice.

Another important factor in the quality of a luxury dressing gown robe is the finish - what makes this bathrobe 'luxury'. My answer to this is as mentioned the finish, a prime example being the outer velour design. The cotton velour weave on the outside of the bathrobe provides a smoothly soft and gentle garment that also just looks that bit more impressive, giving the luxury impact that is essential in luxury bathrobe construction. My final essential point is that of the style. The most successful designer brands use creative designs, patterns and colour combinations to create a unique and special luxury gift. This all comes down to person preference, but choose wisely, as a luxury dressing gown is not just contained to the bedroom, these things are make to be on show!

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