A Review of Bare Essentials Kits and Facial Care

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Bare Essentials makeup is an amazing business success story - from a line that was sold exclusively on television to a major makeup company that can now be found in stores like Sephora and Nordstrom across the country. But, does it live up to all the hype? Does it really work?

Keep reading for a helpful review of Bare Essentials.


Your basic Bare Minerals starter kit will usually retail for between $75 and $105. So, keep your eyes out for sales - and if you're comfortable shopping online or through QVC, you'll often find the best deals and packages during the company's television shopping specials.

Admittedly, the price is high for what is essentially a foundation and blush kit. However, the starter kit also comes with multiple brushes - and every makeup expert knows, a good brush kit can be costly. If you're on a budget or just want try the product without making a full commitment, you can purchase a smaller starter kit online for about $59.

How Easy is it to Use?

It's important to know exactly how to apply your Bare Essentials makeup. Unlike regular cream or chemical-based makeup, it's a much different approach and won't look good if not applied properly. After buying the product, I tried applying it before I watched the enclosed tutorial DVD. The results weren't good.

After my initial failure, I watched the DVD and visited a retail counter to get a full, in-person tutorial with a sales representative. She provided me a complete lesson on how to apply the makeup, and it was well worth the time and effort. It looked great and was easier than I thought.

In short, it's not easy to use if you just rip open the box and dive right in. But if you take an hour to learn how to apply the product and try it out a few times, you'll get it. In the end, applying every step of the Bare Minerals package takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Actual Product

When applied properly, Bare Essentials looks great. It's not cakey, nor does it look overdone. The finish is smooth and seamless, and the overall coverage is great. Also, because it's a mineral, it won't clog or suffocate your pores, meaning your skin won't suffer.

Most women will want to go easy on the bronzer powder, as it's a little overpowering. Also, while the foundation and base kits are great, the eye makeup and lip powders could probably be skipped. Many will find them hard to use and not as effective or easy to control as other makeup products.

If you're looking for something light, but effective, then Bare Essentials makeup is a great way to go. Used properly, it can make your facial features look very attractive while avoiding much of the "fake face" look that many other makeup products produced. Though the cost is a little steep, many women will conclude its benefits are worth a little more.

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