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What do mens gold watches have to do with the Great American Songbook? Well, in 1930, the songwriting team of Vincent Youmans, Mack Gordon and Harold Adamson penned the sentimental hit Time On My Hands. Coincidentally, by that time the quintessentially masculine accoutrement known as the pocket watch had fallen out of favor. Men's watches had leapt out of the pocket, off the fob chain that had carried it for almost two hundred years, and onto the wrists of men all over the country. Men's gold watches had traditionally been presented as retirement gifts, but now were increasingly worn on gold and leather wristbands.

They Used to be For Ladies

The first timepieces designed for the wrist were actually miniature clocks mounted on ladies' bracelets. These "bracelet watches" were first made available in the years just after the American Civil War.

The first men's wrist watches were designed by Louis Cartier, which remains one of the leading names in luxury watches. These early men's wrist watches were designed for use by the first aviators, whose planes lacked fuel gauges. The only way to know how much fuel remained was to keep track of the time, but traditional pocket watches were highly impractical when piloting what amounted to a kite with a gasoline engine and a fuel tank.

Today's luxury watches

Modern mens wrist watches are more accurate and far more durable than those of a century ago. Today however, they are more than just timepieces; men's gold watches serve as adornment as well. In fact, mens watches are the one piece of jewelry other than wedding bands that men regularly wear. In addition to retirement, men's gold watches are excellent gifts for anniversaries and other special occasions.

Some of the other leading names in luxury watches other than Cartier include Rolex, Harry Winston, Movado and Citizen.

Timepieces from the prestigious firm of Harry Winston as well as those by Rolex can be rather costly; at anywhere from $5000 - $16,000, these are definitely not for everyone. However, Movado manufactures excellent mens watches and offers many of these for well under $1000. Men's wrist watches from Cartier fall in between these prices; the low end is around $2000, while the top model - a "chronograph" originally designed for the Pasha of Marrakech - fetches around $9200.

The fact is that when it comes to mens gold watches and other high-end timepieces, there's a wide range of styles and prices available. It pays to take your time and do a lot of comparison shopping when looking at mens gold watches.

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