Bad Credit Mortgages And The Options You Have

by James Copper - Date: 2007-04-04 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

Bad credit mortgages exist. They may be harder to find then those for people with good credit, but they are available if you know where to look. The internet is the best source for finding these mortgages. The internet will also give you the most choices of lenders form which to choose.

Determining what makes a person become labelled a bad credit borrower is really a matter of a few factors. Lenders will consider their credit score. They are looking for the highest score possible or as close to the highest score. They will also look at the amount of the loan requested and how it compares to the value of the home.

They are wanting a home that is worth more than or equal to the amount being requested. Next they consider the person debt to income ratio. This will tell them if the borrower can afford the loan.

Once all of this information is tabulated the lender gets a clear picture of the borrowers financial state. They should be able to determine how risky this loan would be and they will base their decision upon it.

Once you have determined you are considered a bad credit borrower then you should start looking specifically for bad credit mortgages. You will want to shop around. You will want to read all the terms and conditions. You should understand that a bad credit mortgage is very costly and you will end up paying more interest and fees than with a traditional loan.

Make sure to shop around. There are plenty of good lenders, but there are also those who will take advantage of the vulnerable position you are in. Watch out for excessive fees and extremely high interest rates, which are signals of a bad lender. As long as you shop around, though, you should have no problems avoiding bad lenders.

It is also a very good idea to approach a number of large and reputable mortgage brokers. Such brokers have access to a large number of lenders that are not available on the high street to general public, but only through intermediaries and brokers.

Many such lenders specialise in finance for people that have a less than perfect credit history. These lenders are ideal. Just make sure you find out upfront how much the broker is going to charge.

There is a way to benefit from a bad credit mortgage. Once you obtain the mortgage and you make regular, steady payments you will be building credit. You will be able to establish a better credit rating and possibly refinance for a better loan. Using a bad credit mortgage to your advantage is a great thing that can really help you out in the long run.

Bad credit mortgages should be seen as a way to rebuild credit. They may cost a lot upfront, but in the end they are well worth it. For many people a bad credit mortgage is the only way they can afford to buy a home. It is the only way they can get funding, so they use it to their advantage, build up a good payment history and then try for a cheaper, traditional loan down the road.

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