How Do Pressure Cookers Work

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Pressure cookers were created to speed up the process of making food. They work, because at higher pressures, it takes a higher temperature to boil. This means that higher heats can be reached faster, because of the build up of pressure.

Pressure cooking was fairly dangerous in the past, but now there are many safety features built in. This makes pressure cooking as safe as a microwave. Pressure cooking pots are one of the most useful cooking utensils to have in your home.

There are many things that can be cooked in a pressure cooker. There are whole books of pressure cooking recipes. In older days, pressure cookers were more common and necessary kitchen tools than they are today. This is largely because of the availability of things such as take out and microwaves. In older days when it was always up to the mother to make all the meals, having the speed of a pressure cooker really cut down on her time in the kitchen.

Even so, there are still many great recipes out there that are designed with a pressure cooker in mind. There are recipes for deserts, fish, beans, vegetables, rice, other meats, canning, and many more. Most new pressure cooker models will come will a mini recipe book, but to really explore the whole realm of pressure cooking, there are Internet sites devoted to them, or you could buy a recipe book from the store that is specifically designed for a pressure cooker.

Pressure cookers have a unique design. The first known pressure cooker was made in 1679. It was called a steam digester, and was used for processes such as canning vegetables. The basic design of a pressure cooker is a heavy metal pot, usually steel or aluminum, covered by a sealed lid with a valve in it.

Food is placed inside along with water, so that when the sealed lid is placed on top, the pressure builds up from the heated water. This causes the foods to heat quickly. The valve releases the extra steam so that the cooker never explodes from too much pressure.

Newer pots almost never explode, because they have many more safety features. Older versions, however, would frequently explode if the valve got clogged with food or some other obstruction. Cooks back then had to keep a close eye on their cookers.

So, now you have learned a little bit about pressure cookers and how they work. Although they are not used as much today, they are still a wonderful part of a full set of kitchen tools. If you have the room, consider adding a pressure cooker to your kitchenware. You might be surprised at how fast it can cook good foods.

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