Press Release- a Powerful Way to Publicize Your Website

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Keeping in view the growing prospects of online business it is necessary to update your website on a regular basis so as to ensure its success & survival among the growing competitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a perfect answer for increasing the visibility as well popularity of your website. Your website needs to be publicized in order to generate sales & thus profits from your business. Press releases are short sequence information regarding corporate news & events. It is a powerful & an influential marketing tool which increases the reliability as well as worth of your website.

The main purpose of press release is to provide newsworthy information regarding an event, forum or convention. Like any other writing mode press release follows certain principles, standards etc. Press release which is news worthy help your business by improving the search engine ranking of your website. Certain tips if resorted to may help you put forth an effective press release.

- The title of your press release plays an important role in drawing the attention of the readers as it is decisive factor weather the reader would go through the entire content or not. It should therefore be striking & thought provoking.
- The content should be newsworthy, informative & interesting. It should follow a regular flow so as to bind the reader from beginning till end.
- A specific format with the inclusion of certain special elements must be used for writing a press release.
- The opening paragraph should include the most essential lines followed by second & third paragraph providing description about your company or services.
- It is advisable to refer to third party opinion that too of significant background to increase the credibility of your press release.
- Last but not the least; add your contact details before winding up your press release.

Strategies for Optimizing Press Release:

- It is essential to make a thorough keyword research by the use of certain keyword research tool for the target visitors as well as matter. Keywords should be strategically placed & over repetition should be avoided.
- Anchor text should be created with relevant keywords which in turn provide relevant back links to your site.
- The content should be optimized with appropriate keyword density. The relevant keywords should also find a place in the header tag as well as the opening paragraph.
- It would be beneficial to incorporate social bookmark as well as Technocratic keyword tags in your press release which on the other hand provides quality back links to your site.

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