Logitech Digital Video Security System

by Sandra Prior - Date: 2009-01-26 - Word Count: 303 Share This!

Since the dawn of time people have always been afraid of others coming into their cave, it's a territory thing. For businesses this means the possibility of theft while for homes it means the possibility of your daughter's boyfriend sneaking in for some late night xxx.

CCTV camera systems are not cheap, and if you buy the PC based setups it becomes complicated. Enter the Logitech digital video security system. The first great thing about the LDVSS is the IP-over-power protocol, this means that the video stream from all the cameras runs along the power cables in the walls; a receiver unit then plugs in to your wall socket and PC and turns the signal into something your PC can understand.

WiLife Platinum allows you to pan and tilt each camera individually, plus you get a whole bunch of online features for the extremely paranoid. Unfortunately Logitech only give you WiLife basic - you have to buy WiLife Platinum. One of the most useful features is the remote viewing which Logitech provide for free through the WiLife site. Once you have registered and logged on you can remotely view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

If you are worried about hard drive space then fear not, after a full week of 24/7 usage in the office kitchen the total hard drive space used was 1.9GB, this is thanks to the camera only recording when it senses motion. So if your yogurt hasn't gone missing from the fridge or your daughter hasn't woken up with a huge smile on her face then you can happily delete the files. If your daughter does however wake up with a severe case of bed head then you can easily go through the video files, with evidence in hand - load the shotgun.

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