Forum Community: The Virtual Squares Of The It Era

by Lia Contesso - Date: 2010-10-12 - Word Count: 465 Share This!

After the first impact with its Latin name, the language normally used in the forum communities actually becomes a code, made of neologisms especially thought for the informatics world, built on an Anglo-Saxon basis.

In the forums, after having deciphered their code, you can find useful information on many topics: they can work as an online travel agency, for example, as you'll be able to find useful links and the direct experience of those who write the posts. All the information you will find, in fact, is written by users who wish to share their experience with other people, either positive or negative. Hence, they can also be useful as a restaurant guide, or to find suggestions n the best phone to buy, or on the books you can read.

So, forums are like boxes filled with information: they are particularly useful right because they are filled with the experiences written directly by who lived them. Hence, it will be easy for you to find lacks and qualities of what you are getting informed about, either it is a place, a phone, a car or whatever it might be. You can find not only suggestions, but also information, for example, on the transportation: the best websites to buy airline tickets, to book ferry boats, ships, local transportations.

Apart from the useful information and various kinds of suggestions, in the forums you can also find amusements: you can talk about society, gossip, cooking, but also health, culture and feelings. Summing up, the topics are potentially infinite, as well as the suggestions, which you will find written by people with no second interest and ready to give you their opinion; you can follow them or not, but anyway you will find a new idea which, who knows, can make you think looking from a different point of view.

Let's get into the forum, then, looking for information, suggestions and experiences and let's share ours, filling that virtual box and reading the others. If we eat in a good restaurant we can write it, and meanwhile we can read suggestions on places where we can eat well in a city we don't know: exchange of information, disinterested and personal. Don't think they are absolute truths, of course, because they are opinion of people who already had the experience you are about to live: read, and choose what you think it's better, knowing the opinions of those who already had that experience. That is to say, "forewarned is forearmed".

After all, the Latin name "forum" indicates the square in the centre of the Ancient Roman cities: it was the square destined to markets, hence to meetings, business, exchanges. Thus, the idea is that of creating a virtual square to exchange ideas, suggestions and experiences: in the IT era everything became virtual, including the squares.

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