Ge Reverse Osmosis Filters are not Your Best Choice

by David Karlson - Date: 2008-06-17 - Word Count: 389 Share This!


Let me tell you right off the bat, GE reverse osmosis filters are not the best choice for providing your home with safe drinking water. These types of filters just do not do anything to improve the quality or the taste of your drinking water.

The original reverse osmosis system was designed to specifically remove minerals, salt and other larger pieces of debris or sediment. GE reverse osmosis water systems are designed in the same manner. So, think about that. Why would you want a water purification system to remove the minerals from your drinking water?

GE reverse osmosis filters not only remove minerals, they do not remove chlorine. In fact, these systems regardless of who manufactures them are a poor choice for a home water purification system.

In many cases, chlorine is added to the water at water treatment facilities to disinfect the water and to protect the filter membrane in the reverse osmosis systems at water treatment plants.

Industries prefer GE reverse osmosis water systems because they remove the minerals. As homeowners that drink the water, we do not want the minerals removed. Drinking water should be one of the best sources of natural minerals.

Now, let us point out that instead of using GE reverse osmosis filters, people should use a filtering system that uses a carbon activated filter. A carbon filter will improve the quality of your drinking water and the taste of it as well.

If you want the best water purification system at home then choose one that features a carbon filter with ion exchange and a micron filter. This added filter helps remove any contaminants that were missed at the water treatment facility.

You may here that GE reverse osmosis water filters are great for home use. This would be the case if it were the only option out there for purifying your drinking water. Everyone wants his or her family to be healthy. Providing the best drinking water possible is important to your families overall good health.

So there you have it, what type of water purification system do you want for family? Do you want a GE reverse osmosis water filtration system that removes the minerals and does not remove the chlorine? Alternatively, do you want a system that removes the chemicals and does not remove the minerals such as a carbon filter system? It is your choice.

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By D. Karlson

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