The Benefits of Orgasm - Getting Hot and Healthy!

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Several benefits of orgasm that we are not even aware of. An orgasm is not simply a contraction of muscles that results in a pleasurable sensation; it is also a complex process that can help regulate the various functions of your body.

Sex to get rid of stress
Orgasms are natural stress-relievers, one of the benefits of orgasm. During sexual activity, the parts of the female brain responsible for fear, anxiety and strong emotion begin to relax. Here is how it works. Throughout the day, the body and mind goes through many physical and psychological challenges, and when you engage in sexual activity or masturbate to achieve orgasm, that stress can be reduced by the release of endorphins. Endorphins are powerful compounds that resemble opiates and are also known to be the body's natural pain-killers. Hence the reason why sexual activity is often encouraged to cure headaches and menstrual cramps, as the release of endorphins can increase pain tolerance by as much as 70%.

Orgasm as a diet tool
The benefits of orgasm include a better chance that you will stick to that strict diet. During sexual stimulation, the production of the chemical phenetylamine (known to curb the appetite) increases. Seratonin levels in the brain also become elevated during sexual activity and can promote a sense of well-being that has a calming effect on cravings, such as those for junk food or cigarettes. So, instead of heading for the refrigerator, perhaps you should head for the bedroom! Sex also burns calories. Engaging in an hour of foreplay and intercourse burns approximately 140 calories, and beats sweating on the treadmill any day.

The ultimate release
There are many chemical reactions that occur within our bodies and many of them will happen when we experience orgasm. Right before sexual climax, the level of DHEA in the body spikes to several times its normal level. DHEA is a natural steroid hormone known to improve brain function, the cardiovascular system, fat metabolism, boost the immune system, and promote healthy-looking skin. It is even said to possess anti-aging properties. The benefits of orgasm also include the release of oxytocin, a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It is believed to be involved in bonding or social recognition, and also the formation of trust between people. The hormone oestrogen is also released when the body achieves orgasm. A study by behavioral endocrinologist, Dr. Winifred Cutler, indicates that women who engage in weekly sexual activity have higher levels of oestrogen in their blood, which can lead to a healthier cardiovascular system, lower bad cholesterol, increase the level of good cholesterol, add to bone density and give you suppler skin. According to Dr. Cutler, regular sexual activity can also regulate a woman's menstrual cycle.

Catch the love bug
Many studies conclude that one of the benefits of orgasm is a healthier immune system. A psychological study done at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania showed that students who engaged in regular sexual activity had one third higher levels of immunoglobin A, an antibody that boosts the immune system and can help fight colds and flu. In another study conducted by gynecologist Dr. Dudley Chapman, achieving orgasm on a regular basis can boost infection-fighting cells up to 20%.

The after-glow
Among the proven benefits of orgasm is the theory that it helps improve the quality of your skin. During sex, the body perspires, which helps flush out toxins and releases skin-nourishing oils. The deep breathing and elevated heart rate that occurs during arousal and orgasm causes more oxygen to circulate throughout the body, a process that keeps organs and tissues healthy.

So, if experiencing orgasm was not already pleasurable enough, now you can really bask in the wonderful knowledge that orgasms feel good AND are good for you. What are you waiting for? Go get healthy!

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