Nokia 6288: Mobile Communication...unplugged.

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The Nokia 6288 is a 3G slider phone with every feature you'd expect to find in a smart phone. Though not a smartphone, the handset has as many functions and tools on board to take care of all your errands. Moreover, you save yourself from the slow and unresponsive user interface typical of smartphones. The Nokia 6288 ensure its user can get faster and easier user interface, and at the same time, enjoy all advanced functionalities of smartphones including 3G.

The Nokia 6288 is designed specifically keeping in mind that it is a business solution. Its designers took care to put no flashy colours or unconventional shapes, yet make a strong impression in the minds of onlookers. The fairly square slider is available in Black and White casing that gives the Nokia 6288 a no nonsense looks without getting too serious.

With the Nokia 6280, you can turn your dream of seeing your loved ones across hundreds of miles into a reality. This dual camera phone uses its secondary VGA resolution video camera located on the top of the 262k colour TFT screen to take part in 3G video calling. Voice services in three GSM bands across 5 continents are supported too. High speed data transfer is not just limited to 3G networks. The Nokia 6288 is apt for speedy data connectivity through EDGE and GPRS technology in non-3G networks.

The phone has a 2.0 megapixel digital camera with video capabilities to shoot the world around you. Relive and share precious moments of your life instantly with the Nokia 6288. The Nokia 6288 features an integrated media player that is compatible with all popular media files. A stereo FM radio too finds its place in the Nokia 6288's feature list to make a complete circle of the entertainment package of the Nokia 6288.

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