Corsets For Cross Dressers

by Geraldine Hurd - Date: 2010-10-11 - Word Count: 400 Share This!

The secret in getting a great fitting corset is making sure you buy one that is suitable for your body shape. This is particularly true for crossdressing corsets.

The tests I use to see if a corset fits properly are:

* Is the corset done up all the way? - if so, it is probably a bit on the large side
* Is there a gap at the back of more than three inches? - if so, it is probably a bit on the small side
* Is the gap at the back very uneven (eg. larger at the waist than the hips)? If so, the corset is probably the wrong shape for your body

The first two are relatively straightforwards to fix - just get a corset which is the the right size! (corsets are sized "fully closed", and you should generally buy one which is four inches smaller than your natural feminine waist). The third one is more tricky.

Corsets for the female torso tend to be highly shaped, with a large difference between the hips/bust and the waist measurement. This is because the female torso is quite curvy and the corsets are designed to match the "underlying" shape of the body.

The male torso is far straighter between the lower chest, waist and hips. The male body also tends to be slightly leaner than the female form. This means if you buy the wrong shaped corset, it will never fit properly, as you will be trying to tighten it against muscle and bone.

As a result, any crossdresser trying to buy a highly shaped corset, will struggle to get a good fit. Typically, the gap at the back will be larger at the waist, than it is at the hips / lower chest. This is the tell-tale sign of a corset which is too highly shaped for your body.

It is therefore essential that crossdressers look for corsets which are slightly straighter in profile. Do not be put off by thinking that these corsets will not shape your body enough. Even the "straighter" corsets are shaped, and will pull in your waist, giving you a great waist / hip profile - one of the main elements in getting a female look.

All retailers selling corsets and lingerie for crossdressers should give an indication of how shaped / straight they are. By getting the right one, you can have a great shape, and a lovely straight pair of laces at the back - very sexy!!

Happy Shopping.

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