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by ANDREW SCHWARTZ - Date: 2007-09-11 - Word Count: 352 Share This!

A documentary named "Queen Leah" within "Australian Story" shown by the ABC television network describes the changes that happened within an Aboriginal woman, Leah Purcell, as a consequence of her aspiration of her dream of becoming a performer, her establishment of her own personality and her learning more about the world surrounding her. Beginning with the main character in a room preparing to go on the scene, the responder can see from the beginning that Leah has come a long way since her beginnings, as she colors her face and organizes her clothing for the evening, she does it not to hide herself behind the mask and costume, but to show her changed self.

Whilst this is going on, Leah Purcell introduces a self-narration of her childhood in regional Queensland. She tells about the absence of optimism in the town and the way children of Aboriginal descent were looked upon, people told her that she was going nowhere. Leah Purcell discloses the way in which her past has affected her persona, the absence of her white father, domestic violence, her mother's and her own fight against alcoholism with hers starting at just nine years old and her unforeseen teenage pregnancy at the age of seventeen and the shake of her mother's death only one month after the birth. Because of her traumatic biography she has received many important life lessons which have formed the well grounded, determined woman she has become. The change in her persona is visually accessible to people. An emotive tone is noticeable throughout the documentary, intensified by visualization of Leah's unruly emotions, and her narrating in the background, inspires the people to feel with her and accept the changes that have happened in her life. The main character had suffered a lot and had experienced many problems, but consequently they only made her strong, purposeful and inspiring.

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