Heavenly Relaxed: Massage Therapy Secrets

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Those who have already tried it know the heavenly effect of massage. For those who have not here is some information to make you try and even get addicted to it.

Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body - the muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is known since ancient times and it is deemed to be an old form of ancient medicine. Nowadays massage is used both as a medical treatment for specific conditions as well as for pleasure and relaxation.

According to the type and the purpose of each massage, there are several massage treatments practiced:

Foot and hand massage therapy is closely connected to reflexology. Reflexology is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that aims to restore the overall health by restoring the mind and body balance. Specific points located on the hands and the feet are pressed in a special way to influence specific organs or processes in the body. Despite this a hand and foot massage can be very pleasant and relaxing experience for people whose work is connected with standing up long hours or hard hand work.

Head and hair massage therapy has also been known for many years. Originating from India, the head massage can provide instant relief from tension, stress, and headache. It is a safe, accessible and convenient treatment that can be performed anywhere. The classic head massage will also include the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms and face.

Body massage may be the most common of all. It includes treatment of all body parts and usually lasts 60-90 minutes. The therapist will usually start from the feet or the back. A body massage greatly improves the blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, aids digestion and heals many joint and body conditions. It is recommended to people who suffer from insomnia or migraines. An overall body massage relaxes tense muscles and that is why it is recommended for people who are into regular sport activities. The modern forms of body massage include the use of various essential oils, Dead Sea minerals and other substances aimed to improve the skin look and health as well as the overall physiological condition.

You can get a massage at any beauty center, SPA saloon or clinic. Regardless of the venue and the specific massage applied, you will benefit from a few minutes of relaxation and absolute tranquility. Moreover you can teach some self-massage techniques and practice it at home or at your work place. Regardless of the type of the massage though, make sure that you have been treated by a professional as improper massage can be harmful to your health.

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