Some Flirting Advice For You

by Francis K Githinji - Date: 2008-10-19 - Word Count: 514 Share This!

Flirting is just a way of making a person you are interested in know that you are really interested in them and that you would not mind them knowing this fact. Flirting can be done verbally or none verbally. Verbal flirting involves the actual use of words. For example, giving someone a compliment about something he has worn or whispering something silly in their ears. None verbal flirting involves a person using his body to convey a message to another person that they like them. Someone can use the eyes or the lips to flirt. Women have many things they can use to flirt with a person when it comes to none verbal flirting. If not done correctly, flirting can go wrong and people could get hurt. Here are a few flirting advice for you.

When you meet with a person for the first time and you want to flirt with them, take care not to flirt in a sexual manner especially when you are whispering to them. This is because instead of making the person become your friend they will end up hating you. When you bend to whisper something in their ears, let it be something silly that you have observed in a room. Make sure you do not bend over to gossip about the person who is seated next to them and how you hate the way they behave. This kind of gossip has got a very negative thing attached to it if you ask me. So one of the flirting advice you should take seriously is never to whisper dirty sex jokes on your first flirting day with a person. Save it for later, far way later.

Another flirting advice is to be confident. Confidence goes a long way in making people look good. When you are confident you look bright even when you are not. People are also attracted to people who are confident. They are far much easier going than shy people. So when you take the first step and start flirting, make sure you are confident doing it. Even when you think you are not doing the right things. do not make the person you are flirting with know that you do not know what you are doing. Remember the person could also be clueless about flirting. So relax and have fun. Flirting is supposed to be fun after all.

If you are using the eye contact flirting technique, make sure that the person has seen you do it. Do not assume they have unless they also look at you and perhaps give you a smile. A smile is more likely to mean you should move over to where the person is and maybe start a conversation. Make sure that before you leave home you have some conversation starters or else you will be in big trouble. Make sure you also have fresh breath so that when you talk to the person you do not make the person look at the exit and wonder when you are going to finish talking so that they take a breath of fresh air.

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