Several Reasons Why People Do Not Sign Up For Self Defense Lessons

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If someone started listing some of the main reasons why he hasn't attended any self defense courses yet, he would be able to come up with a large list. Here are some of the reasons...
1. Complacency
It's true, a lot of people are ecstatically cocooned in their world and so they think that all the bad things that happen to others would not happen to them. A person might come up with excuses to keep away from entertaining the idea of learning self defense. These excuses are invented in order that he does not need to face the possibility that something so terrible and fatal could ever happen to him. So many individuals make these kind of justifications to avoid having to face the reality that they are as vulnerable as anyone else to harm.
2. "I Know 911"
What everyone should know is that a law enforcement officer is not going to magically turn up before you when a thug is right behind you and aiming for your neck. Just with anything else that happens in your life, you need to be in control of your own protection, and this implies doing everything to stay alive long enough to run and call for help. People like to whine and put blame on the powers that be when something bad happens. You need to look at your personal protection in a proactive manner.
3. Learning Self Defense is Geologically Unattainable
The fact that there aren't any self defense institutions in your vicinity shouldn't prevent you from trying to understand all there is to find out about protecting yourself from assailants. If there aren't any seminars where you live, look in different places. You may be shocked to learn that some people fly in from various parts of the nation to attend a 3-day workshop or a day-long training session. Being interested is step one, and having that degree of interest should propel you forward no matter what the geographical roadblocks.
You can always begin by learning the concept. Then, when the opportunity to master the application of the theory comes up, go for it. As the clich goes, if there's a will, there's a way. Where you live has nothing to do with you not having the opportunity to master self defense.
4. "I Have a Very Good Self Defense Weapon"
Understanding the dangers means knowing that there are some ways to prevent casualties. And, yes, possessing a firearm for protection is certainly great. But, you have to get accustomed to utilizing the weapon, and learning the real scenarios in which the weapon you recently bought will actually be of use to you. A person's main enemy is fear, and his uncertainty to act on his instinct to fight back. At the back of his mind he thinks he only has a chance to fight back if his weapon is in his hands.
5. "I'm the Only One"
An individual that has his own independent frame of mind is involved enough in his own protection to ignore what anyone else says. He knows the right way to take on varying situations, including the fact that he may be the only one in the workplace who takes time off every weekend to attend his self defense courses or to train his body for fighting. Studying self defense is an individual decision that you simply do not have to explain to anyone else.
6. "I Don't Have the Time to Spare"
If you truly wish to master the best way to defend yourself, you have to create time to do it. It is really that easy. Going out of your way to learn self defense is making a promise to yourself. While self defense training daily or weekly may not be for everyone, you need to stay open and do something to improve your self defense method.

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