Free Leads -How To Attract Financially Qualified Leads For Free

by Aaron Parkinson - Date: 2006-12-29 - Word Count: 411 Share This!

"How do I find highly qualified leads for my business?" Have you ever asked this question? I certainly have. I have spent the last 3 years as a full time direct sales marketer and the question was never answered…until recently.The lead problem is a vicious cycle. New people don't know how to find good leads so they ask their adviser who doesn't know either so the adviser gives the associate the same rehashed answers he got when he got started:

-Buy some leads from a vendor.
-Place ads in the newspaper.
-Call your friends and family.

Do you know why advisers/uplines suggest these methods? The answer is: ANY MORON CAN DO THESE THINGS. Network marketing masters know that the average amount of distributors and associate will bring in is 1.7. If the entire downline brings in 1.7 people then the person at the top can make a good living. It is not worth his time to teach anything unique if he's making money. Have you been fed this garbage before? Are you ready to see how marketing is supposed to be done?

In order for people to get started in your business/ buy your product they must feel comfortable. If you are looking for affiliates/distributors you must prove to them they can make money right away. The best way to do this is to cut out their marketing costs. This is the beauty of a self funded proposal. If you can create a marketing system that allows the leads to pay for themselves then people will never go broke. It doesn't matter how bad the business or product your marketing is if your leads are free. Eventually people will find a good product that people are interested in buying and make some money. In the meantime the spouse isn't breathing down the newbies neck because the nest egg is vanishing.

So how do you create a self funded proposal? You must market some product or service upfront that is in line with your back end business. That way you weed out the people who are not willing to invest in themselves and the sale of the upfront product pays for your lead generation costs. At that point you have a list of financially qualified, hungry leads that you have created at no cost to you. You can market your back end business to these people until the cows come home. The problem lies in what product do you market and how much do you charge?

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Aaron Parkinson (aka The Lazy Loaded Guy) is a full time network marketer. After generating over 1 million dollars in direct sales he is now on a mission to assist other marketers in building profitable businesses. Aaron is the co-founder of, a self funded marketing system that shows people how to generate their own leads at no cost. You can reach Aaron directly at or 250 813 1207

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