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Are you a Web or software developer looking for a unique navigation icon? Do you have a deadline approaching, but the user interface still looks bland? And, it's too late to order custom graphics? Now, receive your icons in an instant! Save time and money on custom graphics, and consider stock icons as a substitute to contracting an artist.

Traditionally, small Web and software development companies contract a third party artist or a design studio to create the necessary pictograms and icons for toolbars and navigation elements. While this approach is certainly attractive in that you are getting unique, made-to-order icons, it also has its disadvantages.

Time can become a major constraint, as artists and designers need time to create the graphics you require. Even worse, deadlines can be easily broken by the artists, and you'll have a difficult choice between releasing a product with no graphics at all or missing your own deadline. Besides, getting exactly what you want may be difficult, as developers and artists tend to speak different languages. Plus, if you are lucky enough to find a reliable design company with good communication skills, chances are that ordering custom icons from them will be expensive.

Using readily available stock icons can easily solve these problems. Stock icons are pre-made, which means you will immediately receive exactly what you need. If you order from a company that maintains a preview, you will be able to select exactly what you need. Stock icons usually come in sets, meaning that the icons you order will match each other. Finally, purchasing ready-made icons is a great deal less expensive than ordering the design of a custom set.

777 Icons (www.777icons.com) offers several huge sets of ready-made icons sorted by appearance and theme. With available full-size preview, you will be getting exactly what you see. Finding an icon you need could not be easier thanks to the available search that allows you to search for exactly the topic you need. For example, if you need an icon representing a locked or password-protected feature, type "lock" in the search field and you will get, at the moment of this writing, 34 icons of exactly that: a lock.

Paying for a large set of graphics is a waste of money if you just need one or two images. Unlike the competition, 777 Icons welcomes a-la-carte orders, allowing ordering just one icon or getting a discount for purchasing a set.

Unique to 777 Icons, the company sells you not just an icon, but a carefully crafted masterpiece. If you order even a single icon from 777 Icons, you will get the image in BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO formats. You will get the icon in all commonly used sizes, including 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels. If you need a larger size element to use in your design, 777 Icons includes a huge 256x256 pixel image with your order for no additional charge! Icons are available in a 256-color version for using with older versions of Windows, and in full-color with transparent alpha-channel for using with modern Windows XP and Vista.

Choose from several sets of readily available icons at www.777icons.com and save time and money on custom graphics!

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