Health Oasis Resort, Koh Samui, A Better Place to Be.

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Koh Samui lies some fifty miles out in the Gulf of Thailand from the coastal town of Surat Thani. It's on the small Thai island of Koh Samui that you will find "The Health Oasis Resort". It is tucked away on the quiet north east coast, opening onto the idyllic Bang Po beach which affords a stunning view across to the neighbouring island of Koh Pha Ngan lying 20 kilometres to the north. The ‘Health Oasis' comprises 36 bungalows, plus a two and three bedroom house. Some clustered around the swimming pool and none more than fifty metres from the sea. All rooms have fans and many have air conditioning. The proximity to the sea, however, ensures that the property enjoys cooling sea breezes the year round. The garden boasts frangipani and tall coconut palms, which gives it an authentic tropical paradise feel.

‘The Health Oasis' came about as a result of a dream on the part of owner Manta Darnswat. This was to create an "informal and friendly environment free of stress for those who wanted to connect better with themselves and to grow healthier using the therapies and treatments promoted by Health Oasis." The reverie became an actuality in December 1997 and "The Resort" will this year celebrate its tenth anniversary.

The place has a village feel. Although not luxurious it is comfortable and affordable prices and effectiveness of treatment make up any lack in the ‘opulence' department. The residents forgather in the beachside vegetarian restaurant, where the Italian ‘chef-patron' provides delicious vegetarian meals. The ‘Resort' is small and everybody soon gets to know everybody else whether it is in the restaurant, beside the pool or on the adjacent beach and yet large enough to get lost in some of the nooks and crannies such as the library.

It offers many treatments as well as classes and trainings. The emphasis lies, however on de-tox These ‘treatments and trainings', include Thai massage and cookery, yoga, meditation, Reiki, EFT and Meridian Energy Techniques, hypnotherapy, nutrition ,diet and activities especially for children. Ss far as Koh Samui goes the ‘Health Oasis Resort' is recognised as a traditional medicine hospital by the Thai Department of Health'. ‘De-tox' and the popular candida cure are carried out by supervised colonic cleansing, weight loss and fasting. This programme under the direction of Australian naturopath Graham Rowe, undoes the damage of a stressed life style further exacerbated by poor eating habits and other toxins such as alcohol and smoking.

On arrival the guests are given a personal introduction to the ‘Resort' and the facilities available as well as a thorough briefing on the details of the ‘de-tox programme' they have embarked upon. There is a nine day, eight night programme and a shorter 4-day and three night version. There is menu of special herbs; supplements and juices as well as a daily yoga session in the attractive wooden ‘sala' located feet away from the beach. Later in the day guests return to the same venue for a Thai massage that helps shed toxins and eases the strain of tired muscles. Later in the day the steam room opens and 'fasters' embrace another opportunity to rid themselves of even more poisons that have been allowed to build up as a result of lifestyle choices. The colonics take place in the privacy of your own room. Although they sound uncomfortable most visitors quickly accustom themselves to the effective procedure. Weight usually rolls away, the skin begins to glow with renewed good health and quickly a new energy catches up with the guest. I think it can be truly said that most residents are literally transformed after a few days.

The Resort boasts a team of professional therapists from around the world. The Manager, Graham advises on the programme as well as diet and nutrition. There is emotional back-up for those who want to shed emotional baggage or encounter difficulties during their fast on Koh Samui. All this and the setting itself make treatment at Healing Oasis much easier to undertake.

Of course you can simply visit the ‘Resort' and forego all treatments if that is your wish. The accommodation beside the sea makes ‘Health Oasis' a very nice place to stay in order to enjoy the beach, the swimming pool and Koh Samui itself. Vegetarians, too, are not always well catered for in traditional holiday venues. But here is a location where that is simply not the case. Whatever your choice ‘Health Oasis Resort' on the fabled island of Koh Samui is somewhere to visit, be charmed by and return like so many guests year after year.

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