Online Presence Offers Struggling Sports Clubs A Life Line

by Dillon Boivin - Date: 2010-02-25 - Word Count: 483 Share This!

Sports clubs provide an excellent way of staying fit and healthy but finding people who have both the time and energy to run them is a constant challenge.

In fact many clubs up and down the country are unable to continue because there simply aren't the volunteers available who can spare the time needed to administer them.

However, investing in a website which is both easy to build, use and update could be just the solution for many sports clubs and organisations who find themselves in this difficult situation.

And having an online presence brings countless benefits whatever the club's age profile or sporting activity, believes Simon Rickett, co-director of web developer Activ Web Design.

He said: "From local league football and cricket teams through to golf and tennis clubs, the role played by sports clubs in our communities should never be taken for granted.

"Sadly, though, the daily pressures of home life and work mean that many organisations struggle to find people who can commit to running a club, with the consequence being that some are forced to close.

"This is a great shame, as when it comes to the job of administering sports clubs, a website takes out much of the onerous paperwork and legwork - and can save a club money as well as time."

Activ, which has developed sites for golf clubs, basketball clubs and golf tutors to name but a few is convinced sports clubs' websites are an absolute 'must have', with feedback to date being extremely positive.

Simon added: "Clubs who have invested in an online presence are enjoying a host of benefits which weren't previously available to them before they had a website.

"It is for example, much easier to promote forthcoming fixtures and events online and to notify members of any changes to their schedules via their websites' news section.

"This is much quicker and more cost effective then writing to members as it saves on printing and mailing costs as well as time spent on tedious tasks such as stuffing envelopes.

"And, by incorporating private web pages which can only be accessed by membership log in, information such as team selections need not be shared with the outside world."

Another huge asset sports club websites offer is the capacity to generate funding by allowing local businesses to advertise on their pages.

Simon added: "There is vast potential for clubs to boost their revenue streams by offering advertising space to companies such as sports equipment retailers as well as other local businesses

"The money earned in this way - as well as cash saved on printing costs - can then go towards items such as new sports kit and equipment.

"Similarly, clubs can also use their website to promote their sports clubs and pavilions as venues for private functions rather than advertising them elsewhere.

"Sports club websites are a winner for club members, volunteers and organisers - as well as the communities they serve - and we hope many more soon discover the opportunities they present."

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