Totalitarian Regime in the Modern World: Part Two

by Olivia Hunt - Date: 2007-07-06 - Word Count: 335 Share This!

The book review briefly analyzes the totalitarian regime and its influence on people's life. Totalitarian political system is the direct opposition to democracy. People do not have positive aspects in a totalitarian state. George Orwell proves this in his book ‘Animal Farm' once again when he shows us the history of the Soviet Union with its totalitarian regime and the Russian Revolution as well as all its ‘positive' sides for ordinary people. The author's view of Communism in Russia, represented in his ‘Animal Farm', is bleak indeed. ‘Animal Farm' is the famous book of political allegory, in which Orwell masterlly depicts what happens when the revolution is directed in the wrong way.
The book is full of direct allegories with the real events, political leaders during the period of totalitarism in Russia, using animals as the actual people. Orwell understood the current state of things very well, that is why he wanted other people to understand things, which were evident for him. He tried to create a story that can easily be read and that could direct people's thoughts into the right direction. Therefore, ‘Animal Farm' was based on the main events of the Soviet Union of that time. The book has many allusions to the events and political figures of the Stalin era. Orwell was a democratic socialist and was a member of the Independent Labour Party. Consequently, he criticized Stalin in his books showing all the negative sides of the totalitarian system.
‘Lord of The Flies' was written by William Golding in the beginning of the Cold War and is the representation of the faults of the society in general and of every person in particular. Totalitarian regime is not the notion that exists and controls the state - people take control over the state and should answer for the consequences of their actions. The events described in the novel ‘1984' years ago are applicable to the present situation in the North Korea where people do not have democracy with the civil rights and freedoms.

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