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by Florie Lyn Masarate - Date: 2006-11-19 - Word Count: 451 Share This!

Before networking was used in computer systems, copying and printing was treated in varying ways. Many companies place inexpensive printers on each employee’s desk. Talk about using maximum number of resources. As this is quite convenient for every employee, not all company can afford having to buy many printers and other things that needed for them.

Today’s printers however, thanks to modern technology, does not only copy. They are now made to follow instructions that come from network devices. This is printing centralized printing style.  The manufacturers have also added printing capabilities to these copiers to add more usable features and convenience without having to use many equipments and tools. With additional charge, of course. But compared to having to buy many printers to be used, the price is a small thing to consider. Centralizing printing has many advantages both for the company and employees.

Superior print quality. Being more sophisticated, not to mention more expensive, they produce more quality prints compared to other less expensive ones. If you think of the more beautiful prints that these copiers can make, then the expenses shed in buying them is fair enough.

Monitoring of supplies. A centralized printer allows the company to monitor the expenses and the use and overuse of toner, paper. Some of these printers have reports on the date and time of usage. This way the company can check if there are employees using them after office hours. These copiers are not meant for those who are taking advantage of company resources for personal purposes.

Specialized printing. Not all printers can print on both sides of the paper and make it not appear too obvious. Not all can format papers for stapling and folding requirements. These copiers are quite capable of these and other features depending on the program that that the operation requires. Lessens the task of the people and letting the printers do most of the work.

Easy maintenance and repair. Having only one system and repair is convenient for the IT department. Makes up for having to check all the printers and systems one by one. Some of the problems can even be repaired just from one main system.

For the employees having to do lots of printing and needed to go halfway down the entire length of the building to do so, using these copiers and printers would be one big relief for them. The expensive system also means that they would probably last a long time and quite some time too before repairs. It can also mean that the savings will have to wait after the initial purchase of these machines.

But if you think of the printing advantages like the ones mentioned, then why not?

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