How to Decorate Your Unique Baby Diaper Cakes

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Unique diaper cakes that you have made can truly acquire that unique look, if you decorate them according to the theme of your party. Generally, individuals use petty gifts and other baby items for decorating diaper cakes. Conventional diaper cakes use items, which include stuffed toys and grooming items.

You can decorate your diaper cakes in a unique way depending on the party theme or nature of cakes. Below mentioned are some of the decorating ideas that you can implement.

1. Sports theme:

If expectant parents are sports enthusiast, they can opt for unique diaper cakes considering a sport theme. You can decorate such cakes using items such as:

1. Baby toy sports equipment
2. Mini athletic shoes
3. Small size jersey of a favorite sport squad
4. Sports towels and washcloths
5. Use mini baseball hat, cap as a topping over these diaper cakes.

2. Music cake:

Diaper cakes with musical themes make the ultimate diaper cakes. Decorate such cakes by including items such as:

1. Lullabies or children's classical music CDs,
2. Musical instrument in toy versions such as shakers, drums or guitars,
3. Music mobile,
4. Toy, that plays song,

Other decoration ideas:

Christmas cake:

If a woman is expecting a baby during Christmas days, then opt for diaper cakes, based on Christmas theme. Decorate the cakes by including following items.

1. Christmas ornaments
2. Baby Santa suit and Santa hat
3. Christmas songs CD

Princess diaper cake:

A newborn baby girl is cynosure of parents and rightly their princess. Give her a royal welcome with a princess cake. You need to wrap diapers on such a cake using stain blankets or ribbons and top it with a princess hat. Also, include items such as:

1. Silver spoon
2. Princess theme clothing
3. Rattles, crown, castle and fairy wand
4. Lacy booties, ribbon headbands and bows.

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