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Using this Mod, visitor can see the member's which are already exists in your site.

After clicking the link of "All Members" (after installing this mod you can see the link "All Members"), visitors can see the total number of online member's are available in your site.

This information is display on your main page also so the visitor can easily know total number of Online Member's are presently available on your site.

Visitors or Member's can easily recognize the online member by seen there images.


1-Benefits of using this mod is visitor can easily see the online member's status on main page of your site without any registration or login on your site.

2-Using this mod it saves the time for visitors to know about members online on your site without doing any registration.

3-This mod helps you to increase the members on your site.

4-Promote you to increase your site publicity to visit daily more visitors.

5-Visitors or Members can easily recognize his online friends by seen there images which has great advantage for member or visitor.

Using this mod, If any visitor wants to see all the list of the member's already exist in your site then after clicking the "All Members " link (after installing this mod you can see the link "All Members"), they can see the details of all member's .

This mod allows the visitors to see that how many members are availabe in your site has.

This information will display on your main page.

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