Do You Know Which Hotel To Stay At?

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The minute you start considering hotels, it's obvious that you are travelling – either for pleasure or business. This can have a great impact on the choice that you make. If it's for pleasure the stress is on the proximity to the sights and spots of tourist interest, while if on business the emphasis changes to proximity to business venues and time taken for the commute.

There are different criteria to consider while choosing the hotel. Is the cheapest the best option? Mostly never, not even for the budget conscious. They may have cheap rooms but the amenities offered are abysmal and mostly not available. If you are travelling with the family, then the kids would have nothing to do. Therefore go for a hotel that has the facilities even if it costs a few bucks more. At least the whole family will have some activity or another to partake of. In the long run it works out more economical and peaceful.

A hotel close to where you need to spend most of your time? If it's a business trip and you need to be close to downtown, the best option might not be the one closest. Most downtown hotels are 'business' hotels and cater to the corporate client. Their rates are higher and facilities minimal since the businessman is expected to be out the whole day. It would be advisable to select a hotel not too far away where you will get a better deal and possibly have more amenities for your convenience. Too far away and you might get a good rate but the commute would leave you exhausted by the time your reach your meeting.

What amenities should you look for? The package that you select should cover your requirements in the comfort of the room, service provided by the hotel and not the least the amenities that the hotel offers. You and your family will be spending considerable time there and the hotel should have facilities to make the time spent there pleasurable and leave you feeling good. Here again do not go in for the cheapest, because a happy family at the end of the day is worth it. Ask about the facilities before you make your booking and do so only after figuring out which ones would be used and enjoyed by you. A non-gambler in a casino hotel would be a waste, wouldn't it?

How about proximity? If you have flown into town for a business deal, then seeking a hotel close to the business quarter might not be the ideal solution. Consider the distance from the airport as well, since you will end your trip there. 'Airport' hotels also charge a premium for being so close to the airport. They sometimes have to pay the airport fees for the parking facility at the airport and this is passed on to the customer. It might be advisable, in terms of cost and time, to choose a hotel midway between the airport and your business destination and get the best of both worlds.

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