One, Two, Three Steps To Inner-Peace

by Shawn Duyette - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 477 Share This!

We all have those moments of anxiety which can stop us in our tracks…emotionally, spiritually and physically. For some such a moment can arise during a confrontation with another person. It seems that this time of year although considered a peaceful time of gratitude can often bring out the worst attitude in many. So what do we do to regain inner peace if we experience a confrontation, moment of stress or anything that shakes us off our path of peace?

Here we go…

One, Two, Three: As soon as such a moment arises stop. Stop what you are doing and change the scene. Physically take yourself from the scene and breathe in deeply while saying "I am"…and breathe out while saying "Creating this". Do this audibly and as many times as it takes for the thoughts to calm down and regain centeredness. This accomplishes several things. For starters it brings the thoughts powerfully back into the present moment. In the present moment the mind cannot dwell on the past event and thus perpetuate the pain or discomfort. Saying aloud "I am creating this" is a powerful way to immediately take back any power lost during the uncomfortable moment.

Next, the act of consciously breathing releases the diaphragm. Holding the breath as many of us do during times of stress stops the movement of energy in the entire body. Stopping the breath causes stagnation of any uncomfortable memory and literally clogs our energetic rivers or meridians. Done frequently this will lock the memory inside and ultimately wreak havoc upon body and mind. The frequency of such memories will alter the frequency we live in and in doing so will cause the universe to respond in kind to those (unwanted) vibrations.

Remembering that like attracts like, only more of what we don't want will come to us and we may not even know or remember why. Breathing consciously and deeply releases not only the diaphragm but also the memories of painful events stored inside our body. If we do not practice such breathing frequently we become more and more unconscious as the rivers of our body become more and more clogged.

To breathe deeply is to undam the rivers of subtle energy within and become clear channels again. It is from this centeredness that we regain inner strength and become conscious co-creators. From this place of strength and centeredness our infinite potential shines.

To recap…One: Physically remove yourself from the scene; Two: Breathe deeply in and out; Three: Take back your power by stating "I am creating this".

This quick three-in-one step to inner-peace is one of the simplest and most powerful techniques we can use whether mother or yogi, cab driver or President. Use it and never underestimate your amazing self. If things seem not to be going your way this season…stop, breathe and reclaim your divinity.

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Shawn Duyette is a martial artist of ten years. He has been trained in several energy healing modalites including reiki, quantum touch, and Native American energy healing. Shawn is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and massage therapist. He has been trained in herbology and Chinese medicine (acupuncture, shiatsu, tui-na bodywork) and is currently on sabbatical from medical school.

Shawn is a life long meditator who began meditating at a very young age sitting for hours in the woods of his suburban childhood home in the northeastern United States.

Shawn enjoys writing poetry and has been published as a poet with some of his works found at Currently he is blogging for and he is working on his first book which is aimed at sharing metaphysical principles with children.

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