Pet Grooming is Important

by Myriam De Clercq - Date: 2006-11-27 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

My dog Tyke is a Border Collie. Border Collies have a "double coat" consisting of an outer or "guard" coat and an undercoat. Although they should only be given a bath when needed, it's necessary to have them groomed regularly to keep their coat shiny, smooth and healthy, especially during their winter and summer shedding periods. And yes, as Tyke has two coats, I need two different rakes to groom him!

I like grooming Tyke, not only because spending that extra quality time together strengthens my bond with him, but also because I may discover developing health problems like a tumor sooner rather than later.

Regular grooming is alas often overlooked as an important and necessary aspect of pet ownership that should not be ignored.

You may decide that it's better to take your pet to a professional who is sure to do it right. A professional groomer will be sensitive to you and your pet's needs; they are interested in gaining you and your pet's trust. But because pet grooming is so important, it's vital that you teach your dog to tolerate it as soon as you take her home so the experience can remain safe and stress free for her.

On the other hand, you may want to start a grooming business yourself. Pet grooming is an alternative pet business opportunity that is widely popular today, as more and more pet owners spend a lot of money to pamper their pets. Dog grooming experience can be gained through apprenticeship, therefore it is wise to spend at least one year gaining experience from a well respected groomer. Anyone interested in becoming a pet groomer should do online research to find out the right steps to take.

Apparently, a new trend that is highly likely to make you successful is opting for door-to-door, mobile pet grooming. Mobile grooming will succeed anywhere pet grooming is needed: you can install all the equipment that you need inside a van, and you simply drive to people's homes. They don't need to spend the time or do the effort to drive back and forth, and you don't need to pay the rent for an office. A perfect win-win situation.

Rewarding though it is, catering to personable, caring people who desire this service, keep in mind that pet grooming is very physical work and requires patience and a strong desire to learn.

Always remember though, running a pet grooming business successfully is about building trust between you and the pet as well as its owner: that can only happen if you care about pets as much as you care about people.

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