Oh No! What Do I Know About Throwing A Baby Shower

by Gail Leino - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 560 Share This!

Baby shower, huh? Let me get this straight. So, your best friend has just announced she's pregnant. You stood as her Maid of Honor, you planned her bachelorette party, and now - now you can't believe that you just offered to give her a baby shower! Relax, in order to throw a great baby shower you don't really need to know anything about babies. So, in that sense you are in luck. Since most baby showers are held before the baby is born, the shower tends to be more about the party than it is about the baby.

First of all, figure out a date to plan the baby shower for. In order to best do this, it is a good time to start figuring out the guest list too. You will want to keep in mind that some people may be traveling to participate so plan accordingly. My personal favorite time to schedule a baby shower is about the 7th month or so. The mom is looking fun, perky and pregnant (a prerequisite in my eyes) but isn't completely tired and uncomfortable - yet. Also, the sex of the child is often known by then so shopping and creating wish lists of things the parents will be needing is easier to create to help the guests select their gifts.

Selecting invitations and party accessories is as easy as logging on to the site of your favorite party supplier. They have great selections and prices that will beat most of the discount and superstores in your areas. Themes can be created around invitations or the accessories or you can select your own. One of my favorite baby shower themes is to hold the "A Star is Born" Hollywood style shower. All of the guests are treated as if they have come to a special ceremony for the next star in the walk of fame. I provide a red carpet for their arrival and everything. I video tape each guest as they arrive and interview them as if they were walking on the red carpet to a big premier event. I ask them to provide some words of advice for the new parents to be, etc.

Games and activities carry either carry on the Hollywood theme. My favorite two to do are:

Celebrity match games where you match Hollywood star baby pictures with their current pictures; and,

Rewrite the story lines from favorite movies into childrens bed time rhymes (Dr. Seuss style works too!) and see who can guess the movie they are from.

One favorite game that isn't Hollywood related, but makes for great footage on your film biography of the day is to select 8 flavors of various baby foods and then have tasting stations where your guests take a small spoonfuls of each and then try to determine what they are. The one who guesses the most correctly wins the game, but the faces the guests will make while tasting some will make for some hilarious moments.

Keep your refreshments stress free by keeping them simple. Finger sandwiches, chips and salsa, a slow cooker full of soup and warm breadsticks on the side all make for easy self serving. The important thing is to have plenty of room for the guests to eat, visit, and exchange stories because that is really what a baby shower is all about - reliving old memories while making new ones. Enjoy!

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