Save a Lot, Save Yourself - a Guide to Free VoIP

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Save a Lot, Save Yourself - a Guide to Free VoIP

Free calls worldwide! At least that's what many of the popups on the internet brag about. But what if technology in our world has made a step closer to making this a reality? What if one day, calling other would cost virtually nothing at all? Quite an exciting prospect, isn't it?

VoIP has changed the way people communicate, pretty much the same way email has changed how people write to each other. In the older, golden days, mail really took its time to get from person to person. Local mail would take a few days, while international mail took a staggering few weeks. That is, unless you paid a premium for added urgency on the part of the mailman.

Today, with the advent of email, all it takes is a few clicks to get a message from one part of the globe to the other. Quite a giant leap from the days of yore.

Given that, it seems a lot more possible to enter a world where calling from one end of the world to the other won't cost you your socks and lunch. VoIP provides you with that power beginning today. Although VoIP is still in pretty much a development stage, the wonders of a reduced cost of calling can begin today.

The beauty of VOIP is that it costs a lot less than plain telephones. VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol uses the internet as the medium through which voice travels. It costs up to about 0 percent less than traditional telephone lines and can save a whole deal especially on long distance phone calls. In fact VOIP would practically cost nothing more in addition to your internet service fees if it didn't have to go through traditional phone carriers when connecting to conventional phone subscribers. If you were to connect to fellow VOIP users, it wouldn't cost anything at all.

While some services will offer ‘free call' worldwide, you will still have to consider some factors before snapping up such offers.

1. Define Free. Most companies will offer ‘free' calls. However, you will have to be wary of such offers as they usually have a catch or two. By the nature of VOIP, calls are basically free, since VoIP uses the internet to send data in almost the same way email does. However, if you are trying to call a person who is using a plain old telephone, your call will have to go through conventional telecom carriers. This is where the charges kick in.

The service providers of VoIP will then differ only in features and rates offered. There are, however, some intrepid people that are rushing ahead of the pack trying to offer basement rates for unlimited VoIP services. While some of them are legitimate and offer good service. It should still be noted that they are a risk to take and may lead to you ending up with the short end of the stick.

2. Features. Free or almost-free services will definitely have a catch. Try to find out what that is. Do they offer limited support and service? Do you have to pay an upfront fee or maintenance to remain a subscriber? Do you have to be able to invite two or three new subscribers to avail of the offer?

Be wary of what they offer, try to know every detail and twist that they may employ. Look carefully at the tiny asterisks and disclaimers that so often ruin your day.

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