How to Use Law of Attraction to Create Better Relationships

by Robert Palmer - Date: 2007-02-02 - Word Count: 550 Share This!

Every emotion we feel, every thought we think, everything we focus on has the power of influencing our life. And, in point of fact, every attitude we express or experience really influences the way we build our life. This is the Law of Attraction; what you see is what you get. If you picture you will never manage to find the love of your life or that you will never have a true friend, such things will never occur to you, because it is impossible for you to visualize just how good it will feel to actually hold a friend or a loved one as the most undeniable reality.

Therefore, you need to train your mind: you need to tell it what you really want from a relationship. It is highly significant that you get to inherently grasp the attitudes, the physical characteristics, and the interests that make sense in your life and in the development of the relationships you get into. All of these data are necessary so that you can establish a clearly targeted focus. Focus is the primary notion, the one you will be working with by virtue of LOA.

Many people keep it on a losing streak when it comes to relationships simply because they focus on what they did not want from certain relationships. They did not want their partners to be that thin, that fat, that impatient, that dreamy, that material, and so on. But they miss out the entire point: they just won�t focus on what they DO want. They only see the negative aspects. As a consequence, by virtue of LOA, they will attract only the negative dimensions of their relationships.

The problem grows even more acute when such people go on to the next relationship without eve having given a thought to what was wrong about their prior attitude. And they keep it on with the same negative vibrations from one relationship to another; they probably think: �I want to start it all over again.� But if they start it with the same negative attitude, the vibrations will mirror back only negative outcomes.

The first step to a perfect relationship is to make an inventory of the positive things you expect from it. You need to focus exclusively on positive expectations. Just by noting down what you dream of will make it easier for you to begin the next relationship on the right foot. Next you need to visualize you have everything you could have wanted from that relationship, without actually fooling yourself. LOA will not fail to let you know in due time what are the best methods of approaching this or that relationship. Yes, there will be work to do: you won�t seize the perfect partner or friend by expecting LOA to act alone. By virtue of the same Law of Attraction, action attracts action. So it�s time you trained your mind and prepared your soul into perceiving what�s good about a relationship and avoiding focus on the negative aspects alone. In this manner, you have found the best road toward better relationships.
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