How To Build A Bird House

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The arrival of spring heralds the return of birds to barren tree branches, to make homes with their families, or to take up residence in local area Bird houses that are either custom made or are built from pre cut bird house kits. As a bird lover and nature watcher the best way to see them up close is to build bird houses for the neighborhood birds, right on your own property.

Building a Bird House from a kit is a great activity that can involve the whole family. Pre-packaged kits with ready to assemble pieces are great because they do most of the work, and that makes it really easy if you aren't the naturally gifted carpenter. Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment before actually starting the project.

Some kits require only basic equipments. Wood glue that is weather proof, or water resistant, and rust proof nails to keep it together are the main equipment must-haves. More complex bird house kits would require you to have more equipment, make sure the kit being purchased can be easily made with the tools you already have.

The range of bird house kits varies, depending on the skill level of the builder. Basic single home Bird Houses are easy to do for first time builders, while, more advanced homes with multi stories are available for those looking for a challenge.

When building a Bird House from a kit, it's important to remember a few important tips. Make sure that some item of the bird house is removable. If the roof or the floor of the bird house can detach then it makes it easier for an annual cleaning.

Make sure the bird house kit that you purchase is the proper dimension for the kind of birds that you would like to see in your own back yard. The dimensions and entrance to the home must be precisely for a particular type of bird otherwise the homes can be taken over by squirrels and larger birds, evicting a poor and unsuspecting bird family.

Sometimes, leaving the bird house unfinished attracts more birds, considering that it closely resembles a natural home. Look for birdhouse kits with air holes drilled in the back wall, for ventilation, or along the house floor to let out rain waters. When putting the actual product together use water resistant glue and rust proof nails to insure the longevity of your finished product. The height of the bird house will have to be adjusted, depending on the type of birds you are trying to attract to your yard. Keep in mind that some bird species only like to share their living space with their own species, and others still are willing to share with different kinds of birds.

Birds are quite particular, when it comes to choosing their future homes. To prevent the birds from moving into the neighbors' yard, place 2 to 3 bird houses facing different directions, to they may choose one with the most pleasant vantage point.

With careful inspection of a bird house kit before buying, you can insure that the bird house in your back yard will not be empty for long. And with the proper equipment and easy directions, any bird house can be a joy to have and be enjoyed all year long with the entire family.

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