Do you know your colors?

by Florie Lyn Masarate - Date: 2007-01-06 - Word Count: 390 Share This!

If you are catering to the printing needs of your customers, you will take all the effort to have a basic understanding on the language of colors.

Yes, you will be very helpful to all your customers. And yes, it can also be advantageous to you. Knowing your colors can boost your business and your sales, of course.

Nowadays, color printing has dominated the commercial printing world. the same customers that could not afford to have their projects color printed are the same ones who are using more of this kind of printing. And why not? They do not come as expensive as they were before.

This is not the only reason for choosing color printing. According to studies, people can relate more to colors. They can easily understand and memorize things when they see them in colors. They associate colors with business or companies. Once they see the colors, something in the corner of their minds are triggered to place where they have seen it before.

A part of their emotion are moved. They will remember the services given to them. Or the satisfaction they have achieved. On the contrary, they will also remember if there were any unsatisfactory actions given them.

This is branding in colors.

You will notice that major corporations already have their own colors flaunted everywhere. And you will also notice that you can actually point them out without seeing their names and titles posted. The more successful companies are the ones that even small kids can remember. Take McDonalds for example. Show the colors red, yellow and orange to children and they will instantly associate them with that company.

This is what colors can do initially. Other uses for them can do way beyond your expectations. That is why using and understanding them mean the difference between a successful business and an unknown one.

Unless you have a well-recognized brand, you may want to ask your printers to come up with the right colors for you. Ask them if they know what colors your business should use to be able to form a brand that explains what you are about.

With all the competition in the world today, you may want to take time considering your own colors. They will be your weapon and your road to profit building.

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Florie Lyn Masarate got a flair for reading and writing when she got her first subscription of the school newsletter in kindergarten. She had her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.

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