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by Bishara Hazboun - Date: 2007-03-25 - Word Count: 268 Share This!

Social networking sites have been increasingly used internet search user as a new way to make friends and maintain a profile that reflects their personality. My Space is considered to be one of the top social networking sites that allow members to share their info, create their own profile and much more. The biggest challenges that face MySpace users are the ability to design their profile, add images, backgrounds and videos because they lack the knowledge to code using HTML and CSS.

Many websites have made it easier for Myspace and social networking users by giving them the power to edit and pimp their profiles even if they don't know HTML. These websites have created pre-designed templates including buttons, layouts, and icons ready to go for their Myspace profile. It's very simple to use; All what you need to do is to copy the pre-coded HTML code and paste it in the appropriate place on your profile. This strategy has helped many people to get creative and to implement all what they need on their Myspace profiles without the need to hire someone or even ask a friend for help.

Because of the wide range of Myspace users, big companies have even created a Myspace page to market their products because it an un-expensive way to get their message spread to a wide range of groups.

In the past, it was really hard to design great Myspace layouts and backgrounds to customize your profile. However, many websites have assisted Myspace user to easily edit, and add a life to your profile by proving matchless collection of pre-made Myspace backgrounds and layouts.

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