Internet Marketing, Opt-in Email Marketing- how it helps companies promote their products

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Before the advent of internet, to convert a simple name into a brand, companies had to resort to conducting ad campaigns, distributing pamphlets, advertising in newspaper and television, and what not. Some of them still do but conservatively. Internet has given them the option of opt-in email marketing for online marketing of products, brands, and services.

Opt-in email marketing, also called permission marketing, is a way of advertising through electronic mail whereby the consent of the recipient of the ads has been obtained. These promotional emails are a kind of sale notifications, new service announcements, event invitations, preferred customer promotions, company newsletter, and greetings. In this type of marketing, newsletters hold the center stage to promote business messages. Sending a newsletter is considered to be the most cost-effective option to convey and create a strong relationship with the online customers.

Because, here companies know their customers and the customers have information about the companies, this mode of marketing becomes a direct and effective way of doing business. A responsive email list can be a conducive way of making money online and so opt in list building can prove to be a productive start for companies. This kind of arrangement can also help companies have repeat customers, who can also give references of other potential customers. So opt-in email marketing allows businesses to widen their customer base at lesser price without straining their already over-stretched budgets.

What companies need to do here is to keep an eye on constantly developing their relationship with their subscribers or customers by sending them welcome messages or writing about special events and programs. Companies should also strive to know the needs of their customers. Knowing their target group will also help them, for which they can take the help of forums related to their products.

Further, opt-in email marketing aims at protecting the person who signs up for newsletters and other emails. Unlike spammers, it is a method companies employ to try to prevent people from receiving emails which do not interest them.

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