Key Features Of Nano Ipods

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Nano IPod combines both the features of IPod shuffle and IPod- replacing IPod mini- and is the fourth digital audio player introduced by Apple Inc. Though IPod mini was in use, the introduction of Nano IPod was a surprise.

The main features of Nano IPod are that it has more flash memory storage than the shuffle and has a miniaturized version of the color screen and click wheel that are found in the full sized IPods. The name itself-Nano-suggests that the size of the IPod has to be small. The screen has a high declaration and allows one more line of text than the IPod mini's screen.

The size of the battery and other few parts has been reduced in size, thus reducing the overall size of the IPod. The surface of the click wheel is textured. The main button of the second generation Nano IPod is concave. The Nano IPod operator with iTunes on Microsoft Windows and connects through the wharf connector as any other third generation IPod.

Also, the Nano IPod has a stop watch and a numerous time zone clock function. A special feature called the mixer lock feature enables the use of click wheel to lock the IPod and serve up, to secure the user's calendar and other contact information. Nano IPod is the first IPod to possess a new lyrics screen which is modifiable using iTunes. It is also possible to organize music on the Nano IPod, browsing by artist or song and can also shuffle the songs according to the moods of the listener.

Since the flash memory is of the thickness and size of a postage stamp, the Nano IPod is a slender and longer credit card. There is an easy navigation on the Nano IPod for pod casts and hence, Nano is very informative and a communicative instrument that features ABC news and many more. It is possible to load as many as twenty five thousand photos using iTunes from windows and Mac formats. It is also feasible to view the photo slides along with the music. There is a water proof case, specially designed by Otter products so that Nano IPod can be used at the beach and on a vacation that involves swimming and other water activities. There are water proof head phones too, but the offer is limited only for a specific period.

Second generation Nano IPod is less prone to scratching and is durable. The sound quality of Nano IPod is extremely good and is available in colors like white, black, silver, blue and green. The Nano IPod is the most popular and recent models of IPod and the features and benefits of Nano are many. The popularity is still growing because more and more people find it convenient to walk with a Nano IPod and take music in their pockets, wherever they go.

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